Vietnam officially researches, builds, and pilots the use of cryptocurrency

2 min readJun 20, 2021


In Decision 942/QD-TTG of June 15, 2021, as part of the E-Government Development Strategy towards the digital government in the period of 2021–2025, oriented to 2030, Vietnam intends to build and pilot the use of cryptocurrency on blockchain technology. This is one of the key tasks and solutions assigned by the Prime Minister to the State Bank to lead the research from now until 2023.

Vietnam officially researches and pilots the use of cryptocurrency

First, Vietnam is oriented to open up people, businesses, and other organizations to participate appropriately in the operation of state agencies, interact with state agencies to enhance transparency, improve service quality, solve problems and create value for society.

According to this Decision, the Prime Minister also assigns tasks to ministries at the same time, researching, developing, and mastering other core technologies such as:

• Promoting research, development, application of open and open-source platforms for digital government.

• Open national platforms to form an ecosystem so that digital technology enterprises can participate in the development of the digital economy and digital social services.

• Prioritize and promote the research movement of some core technologies that Vietnam has advantages, capable of making strong breakthroughs such as QR code, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and virtual/virtual reality /enhanced reality (VR/AR), big data (Big Data) to facilitate the early deployment of advanced digital technologies in digital government. Implementing the ordering mechanism, assign tasks to digital technology enterprises to research and develop new technology applications for the digital government.

Moreover, the Government of Vietnam also notes encouraging the development of digital enterprises to master the core technologies in digital government first of all, which are cloud computing technologies, security, safety, cybersecurity, integrated platforms, data sharing, platforms for the development of specialized applications.

Most importantly, in the 5th section of the solution to research, develop, and master core technologies, Decision 942/QD-TTG of June 15, 2021, approving the e-Government Development Strategy towards the Digital Government for the period 2021–2025, orientation to 2030 clearly states:

“Researching, building and piloting the use of virtual currencies based on blockchain technology.”

At present, Viet Nam is the country with the e-Government development index, the digital government at a high level in the world, among the top 30 countries according to the United Nations ranking.

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