NFTs Can Bring the Real World On-Chain

The Monster Token (MON)

Monnfts is a creator-centric NFT marketplace and issuance platform that utilizes the Monster token (MON) to empower users who actively interact with the protocol.

How It Works

For Creators

The Team

The Monnfts team is comprised of blockchain architects, full stack devs and marketers. For privacy reasons, our team prefers to remain anonymous.


With a renewed focus and mission to bring peer-to-peer commerce with NFTs and decentralized finance to the masses, we believe we are better positioned than ever before to unlock multiple billion dollar opportunities for the mainstream. While we are starting with users that already have basic understandings of cryptocurrency that already number in the millions, we will aggressively begin targeting mainstream users this year. In the next several years, our products will cross the chasm and our ambitions are to amass hundreds of millions of users using Monnfts Market by our Monster Token (MON).



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