2 min readOct 29, 2023
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Fellow Monnftians
We would like to share some important information about our status and the reasons why Monnfts has temporarily ceased its operations for an extended period.

Over the past time, Monnfts has encountered several challenges, leading to the decision to halt our operations, including:

Improving our team: We made the decision to pause operations to focus on improving our team. This involved recruiting and training talented and passionate individuals to ensure we have the knowledge and skills required to achieve our goals.

Poor market conditions and crypto market liquidity loss: We faced the volatility of the crypto market, which affected our ability to maintain our operations. The crypto market can change rapidly and impact many projects.

Hotbit, the exchange used by Monnfts, faced issues: The disruption of a key exchange like Hotbit presented significant challenges for us. This created uncertainty in managing assets and conducting transactions.

However, we did not stop there. We have appointed a new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to help shape our strategy and focus on projects that will deliver significant value to the community. In the near future, we plan to return with a massive project, focusing on two crucial areas:

MON Token Services: We will enhance and expand our MON Token services to meet the community’s needs and deliver the best value.

CryptoPop Services: We will continue to develop and provide services related to CryptoPop, emphasizing quality and innovation.

We deeply appreciate the patience and support of the community during these challenging times. We are committed to working diligently to bring the best products and services to you. Please stay tuned for exciting developments from Monnfts in the near future.

Thanks for your support!
Monnfts Team

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Monnfts helps creators mint and auction their digital artworks as NFTs on the BSC blockchain.