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As we dive into the world of CryptoPops, Monnfts’ exclusive NFT collection, let’s explore the fascinating journey behind these 5,000 unique artworks that promise to redefine the NFT landscape.

The Birth of a Pop Icon:

Ever wondered how an artist brings a CryptoPop to life? The process begins with meticulously dotting each pixel on Adobe Photoshop, culminating in the creation of a single POP art character from millions of pixels.

How the artist drew the first POP Art character as a symbol for Monnfts’ CryptoPops

CryptoPop’s Unique Identifier:

To connect with your favorite CryptoPop, here’s the Token Contract

: 0xE8568408C33f9A407Fe403754c48c257FA250b1A. Keep an eye out for NFT#7, the rarest gem in the CryptoPop collection, serving as the iconic symbol of the entire project.

Crypto Pops Logo and Token Contract

Rare Gems in the Collection:

The initial ten artists drew inspiration from a central idea, crafting the rarest and most distinctive CryptoPops. These unique characters set the stage for the subsequent creation of 5,000 Pops, each with its own individuality and flair.

The rarest ones were drawn by the artist based on the original idea, and 10 artists subsequently created the next 5,000 POPs.

CryptoPops — Monnfts’ NFT Marvel:


CryptoPops, a 2022 NFT collection by Monnfts, stands as a testament to innovation in the digital art space. Comprising 5,000 64x64 pixel artworks, these NFTs are coded and designed to represent Monnfts’ branding on the Binance Smart Chain (BCS), an Ethereum alternative.

Vision and Creation:

Conceptualized and designed since 2020, CryptoPops is Monnfts’ intellectual property. Completed in January 2022, the collection is a blend of art and NFT, aiming to introduce NFTs to Vietnam and showcase Vietnamese NFT artworks globally.

Distribution and Value:

Initially, Pops will be distributed freely on Monnfts, later transitioning to trading or auctions. With each Pop estimated to be worth over a thousand dollars, these unique NFTs hold intrinsic value. The fixed 5,000 Pops emphasize fairness and equality, reinforcing the idea that everyone enters this digital playground on equal footing.

Pricing and Transaction Mechanism:

The pricing mechanism for CryptoPops relies on the volatile $MON price on the platform. Transactions occur through Metamask digital wallets, with each Pop having a unique digital signature to prove ownership, outlined in the smart contracts.

Control and Blockchain Immortality:

Developers understand the distinct nature of blockchain projects, relinquishing control after product release. The fixed number of 5,000 Pops ensures rarity and uniqueness, as creators lose the ability to create more or own the Pops once they are released on the BSC blockchain.

The Crypto Art Renaissance:

Inspired by the success of projects like CryptoPunks, the CryptoPops project aligns with the global trend in digital art. The active involvement of major players like Meta, Twitter, and Walmart in cryptocurrency signals a promising future for digital art, highlighting the potential success of the Monnfts project and the value of the MON token in the cryptocurrency market.

In this vibrant intersection of art and technology, CryptoPops emerges not just as an NFT collection but as a symbol of Monnfts’ commitment to shaping the future of digital art in Vietnam and beyond. As we witness the rise of this iconic collection, let’s celebrate the union of creativity and blockchain technology. Stay tuned for more updates and developments on this groundbreaking NFT journey.

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