CryptoPops Genesis Collection Offering

4 min readApr 20, 2022


The Crypto Pops is a collection of 5.000 unique Pops

Inspired by Cryptopunks one of the world’s first famous NFT projects, with artworks encrypted on the Ethereum blockchain platform. Dev has started researching and developing the NFT collection with the famous Pop Art fashion design style and since then CryptoPops was born under the intellectual property of Monnfts, these works are encrypted based on the blockchain platform of Monnfts. Binance. We believe that with CZ’s excellent leadership they will grow and bring Binance to reach more and more people with the competitive advantage of low gas fees, so Cryptopops can also stand in the NFT market.


  • The Crypto Pops Society is a collection of 5.000 unique Pops with 64×64 pixel art images, generated algorithmically on the Binance Smart Chain (BCS).
  • Pops mystery box will officially open at 10:00 UTC on 26 April 2022.
  • Only 4,700 mystery boxes of Pops are available for purchase at 0.3 BNB per box and all purchases will be executed whose rarity levels are varied and random.

What is the CryptoPop?

The Crypto Pops is a collection of 5.000 unique Pops with 64×64 pixel art images, generated algorithmically on the Binance Smart Chain (BCS). Most are Human, but there are a few rarer types mixed in Zombies, Animals, Robots, and even the odd Constellation.

A combination of different attributes mixed makes sure each one of the 5,000 is unique.

The ability to control

Developing blockchain projects is different from conventional projects. Developers after announcing and releasing the product will almost no longer have the right to interfere and modify. It is the investors who will be responsible for the changes they have made to the smart contract.

At the same time, the fixed number of 5,000 Pops makes Pops valuable and limited. Even if creators could make more Pops, they would not be recognized in the market. This has proven equality and fairness for everyone when entering this playground.

Because once created, the manufacturers locked it up and the ownership control code was injected into the BSC blockchain network. By the time the Pops are released on the blockchain, the producer has lost his control to create more or own the Pops.

How to own Cryptopops?

Similar to cryptocurrencies, the team created an exchange where investors can exchange, buy, and bid on pops on its marketplace created for Cryptopops. To make transactions, investors need to connect to the MetaMask wallet.

Besides, there is still a “pops for sale” market at Monnfts, Binance. Here, the pops sold will be in the form of BEP-20 tokens to be tradable on NFT exchange platforms

Community and society

Currently, Monnfts is raising funds for the rights and child protection association affiliated with Unicef. We will spend 20% of our profits to help disadvantaged children in the country and around the world.

Besides, to promote and support investors $MON has come with difficulties with the Dev team. We will put 20% of profits into liquidity and accelerate the development of MON token value.

The rest of the money raised Monnnfts focuses on developing the $MON ecosystem

Once you purchase a Pop, you will instantly enjoy the rights to:

1. It is the only NFT inspired by the only Pops Art style in the world.

2. Owning Pop has the opportunity to Stake to get Moncake.

Stake to get Moncake

3. Tickets to enter the NFT Meta museum.

Meta museum

4. Tickets to participate in the Do to earn M2C platform.

M2C platform

5. Tickets to participate in Monnfts Play to earn MiniGames.

Minigame Blockchain Games

6. Chance to get $20,000 when reaching 3500 POP holdings.

About Monnfts

Monnfts is a project on Binance Smart Chain with various services from NFT Marketplace, CryptoPop collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the BSC blockchain, Affiliate Marketing, Exchange, and pools to farming.

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Monnfts helps creators mint and auction their digital artworks as NFTs on the BSC blockchain.