Announcing Monnfts Tokenomics: Empowering Our Community

2 min readNov 3, 2023


Fellow Monnftians,

We are excited to share some big news with you — Monnfts is proud to announce a revised and improved tokenomics system. Our aim has always been to create a thriving and sustainable ecosystem for our community, and this new tokenomics structure is a significant step towards achieving that goal.

MON Tokenomics

Key Changes to Monnfts Tokenomics:

1% Airdrop: 100% Release at TGE

  • We want to express our gratitude to our community members who have supported us from day one. To show our appreciation, we’re introducing a 1% airdrop, with 100% of the tokens being released at Token Generation Event (TGE). This means that everyone who has been a part of our journey will receive a token share right from the start.

6% Seed Round: 10% Release at TGE, Unlock Within 10 Months

  • For our early supporters and investors, the 6% seed round allocation will see 10% of the tokens released at TGE, with the remaining 90% being gradually unlocked within the next 10 months. We believe this structure aligns the interests of our investors with the long-term success of Monnfts.

10% Exchange Liquidity Provision

  • Liquidity is vital for a thriving marketplace. We’re dedicating 10% of the tokens to ensure a robust and dynamic exchange liquidity provision to benefit all token holders.

14% Private Sale: Burn All Remaining Tokens in the Contract

  • In the interest of fairness and transparency, we have decided to burn all remaining tokens from the 14% private sale. This will eliminate any overhang and ensure that the token supply remains accountable.

33% Marketing: Release Schedule Over 3 Years Equivalently Every Month

  • To fuel the growth and awareness of Monnfts, we are allocating 33% of the tokens to a marketing fund. These tokens will be released on a schedule spread evenly over the course of 3 years. This ensures that our marketing efforts remain steady and impactful.

36% Burn: Unlock and Burn Quarterly Within 24 Months

  • To maintain a deflationary aspect to our tokenomics, 36% of the tokens will be unlocked and burned quarterly over a 24-month period. This will contribute to reducing the overall token supply, enhancing the scarcity and value of Monnfts.

At Monnfts, we believe in a community-first approach. Our revised tokenomics system is designed to reward our early supporters, maintain fairness and transparency, and provide a strong foundation for the future growth and development of our ecosystem.

We are immensely thankful for your continued support, and we look forward to building the future of NFTs and blockchain technology together. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments on our journey!

Thank you for being part of the Monnfts family.

Empowering Monnftians, Together We Soar.

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Monnfts helps creators mint and auction their digital artworks as NFTs on the BSC blockchain.