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The program to hunt 12 animals with a total prize value of more than 10,000 BUSD has entered the 3rd week. Don’t miss your chance to win by completing the following tasks: Buy and own a $POP any of the 12 animals

The more $POP you buy, the higher the winning rate.

Hurry up and complete it before 2022–09–01 06:59 (UTC).

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Dear Respected Users,
Hotbit is scheduled to list MON (MONNFTS) on Global Section.
Deposit function launches at: 2022.02.11 05:00 AM UTC
Trading function launches at: 2022.02.11 07:00 AM UTC
Trading Pair: MON/USDT

【Hotbit users exclusively enjoy “Minus Maker Means Minus Transaction Fee” mechanism. By placing and settling any maker order, the user will enjoy 0 transaction fee and an extra 0.30% of the trading volume of his/her maker order as reward on Global Section!】

Project Name: MONNFTS
Abbreviation: MON
Project Introduction: Monnfts is a project on Binance Smart Chain with various services from NFT Marketplace, CryptoPops collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the BSC blockchain, Affiliate Marketing, Exchange and pools to farming.

Token type: BEP-20
Total supply:10,000,000,000
Audit: QuillAudit

Official Website: https://monnfts.com

Explorer: https://bscscan.com/token/0x5e4f0f6fac92e76e41a0d043df565fe8fbfc1de3



MonNFTs — Bringing non-fungible tokens and decentralized finance to the masses. Private Sale is happening. Everyone can BUY. Be ready for the best price you never had.


Private-sale Platform: https://invest.monnfts.com
Contract: 0x5E4f0f6FAC92E76E41a0d043DF565fe8fBFc1De3
Open Time: Jan 07, 2022.
End Time: Jan 14, 2022.
HardCap: 600.000.000 $MON
Softcap: 100.000 BUSD
Minimum Contribution: 100 BUSD
Maximum Contribution: 10,000 BUSD
Private-sale Price: $0.0022

How to join the Private Sale:

1. Prepare BUSD in your wallet
2. Access: https://invest.monnfts.com
3. Connect wallet
4. Select the value you want to buy (from 100 BUSD — 10,000 BUSD)
5. Click to select: BUY TOKEN






Monnfts helps creators mint and auction their digital artworks as NFTs on the BSC blockchain.